Second Professional Development Event

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First Professional Development Event

The first professional development event I was involved with was the Fall 2013 Career Fair. This career fair was held in the Pavilion on September 11 and held representatives from numerous companies looking to converse with students who need internships or even future jobs. This was an event for mainly designed for business and engineer students. Some of the companies there were Johnson&Johnson, Lily Pulitzer, Staples, TD Bank, JP Morgan Chase, AT&T, and Comcast. The employers each held small sections of the room with their brand name, logo, and any possible free handouts to give to students along with one or two representatives from the company. The Career Fair is an annual fair at Villanova, and an extremely popular event for students to attend.

In  my opinion, the fair was a great way to gain experience with prosperous companies, but was not as useful for freshman as it was for upperclassmen. When first entering the fair it is a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who has not been to a career fair before. One must contemplate in their heads what they are going to say to these employers before they approach them. Doing this for the first time is a nerve-wracking task, but it helps to gain confidence when talking to potential employers. Relationships are key when job hunting, and the fair was an excellent way to form relationships. Most of the companies are looking for juniors and seniors who have had previous internships or are looking for jobs post graduation. It may appear unnecessary for underclassman to attend these fairs, but I believe that it helped me gain useful insight. Now that I have had experience approaching potential employers, I have an idea of what to expect next time I go to a fair. I will be ready and able to converse with the various companies, giving myself an edge over the others who will be trying to do the same or just going for the first time. Even as a freshman, some of the companies gave me emails to send my resume to or referred me to their website for more information. I learned that technology is also a great way to enhance a relationship with potential employers. Additionally, I believe that the next career fair in 2014 will be even more useful for me because I will have learned quite a good amount about business from my classes. Because the fall career fair was in the very beginning of the year, I had little to no knowledge about business or the business world. Overall, I do believe the career fairs are one of the most important events held at Villanova. Although freshman may not have as much of a role in these events, they are still useful and can be utilized to gain confidence and experience when working with potential employers. I will be sure to take advantage of the business events held at Villanova, and I am eagerly awaiting the next career fair held in the spring of 2014.